Apex Legends player honors late friend with incredible Mirage tattoo

Philip Trahan

An Apex Legends player showed off an incredible Mirage tattoo he got to honor his late friend he played the battle royale with.

Though oftentimes seen as simply fun distractions, video games have long had the power to bring people together.

Through online gaming, players can create lasting memories with those they spent time with enjoying their favorite hobby together.

Now, one Apex Legend player showed that sentiment off perfectly through an amazing tattoo they got in honor of their late friend.

Apex Legends Mirage tribute tattoo

The tattoo comes from Reddit user goodrthenyou who posted a heartfelt caption along with the photo of their tattoo.

The caption reads, “I got an Apex tattoo yesterday for one of my best friends who passed away last year from a seizure. Mirage was his main, Show Stopper was his skin, and “Nice McDice” was his catch phrase when we got a down or knock. I miss you Derek. I love you homie.”

The tattoo features a rendition of Mirage’s iconic Show Stopper Legendary skin with the phrase “Nice McDice” framing the portrait.

The original poster goes on to give a bit of background on the tattoo, explaining that he “had no idea how crucial this simple video game would become” in his life.

He told the community that he had played “almost every day with Taylor and Derek since release and it really formed a solid connection with us three as friends.”

“October 5th, 2021 was the last time we ever got to play with Derek. He passed away unexpectedly that night and it honestly wrecked us.”

In just one day, the post garnered over 11,000 likes with over 200 comments from other Apex Legends players complimenting the tribute tattoo and offering condolences.

While this post serves as a powerful testament to how video games can bring people together to create lasting bonds, it also serves as a reminder to always hold those dear to us closely.