How to get Apex Legends Mirage Edition with Exclusive Show Stopper skin

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A new Legend edition is available now for Apex Legends, this time for Mirage. The pack will come with an incredible-looking skin for the master of bamboozles, plus some extras.

So far, we’ve had Legend editions for Lifeline and Bloodhound, Octane, Pathfinder, and Gibraltar.

These bundles always include a special skin for the character, Apex coins, and other cosmetic items for weapons and banners.

Apex Legends editions for Bloodhound and LifelineRespawn Entertainment
The first two Legend editions were for Bloodhound and Lifeline

Available on May 18, Mirage has been chosen for the next Legend bundle, the first for Season 9.

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Rocking an iconic cowboy look, there’s a mix of old and new in this new skin, which will be a must-have for any Mirage main.

  • Legendary “Show Stopper” Mirage skin
  • Legendary “Mantlepiece” Volt SMG skin
  • Exclusive “Boots ‘N All” gun charm
  • Exclusive “Holo Star” badge
  • 1,000 Apex Coins
Apex Legends mirage editionRespawn Entertainment
Everything included with the Mirage Edition

How much is the Mirage Edition?

These editions typically cost $19.99, but EA Play members can get it discounted at $17.99 But, these editions usually go on sale at some point in the future, so if this price is a bit steep for you at the moment, you might want to wait a while and check back.

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Still, with the amount of content included in the pack, and the Apex coins, it’s still overall a pretty good deal, especially if Mirage is a character you play frequently.

How to get Mirage Edition

  • Go to the store on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, or Origin/Steam on PC.
  • Navigate to Apex Legends
  • In add-ons, you’ll see the Mirage Edition alongside old editions
  • After purchasing, you will have 1,000 coins and the cosmetics added in-game automatically

Where to buy:

You can also get the Legacy Pack in Season 9, which comes with an exclusive Valkyrie skin.

ALGS skins are also available in the store at the moment, which contribute to crowdfunding for the ALGS Championship.

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