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Apex Legends player explains how to fix Wraith’s hitbox

Published: 20/Dec/2019 16:38 Updated: 20/Dec/2019 16:48

by Matt Porter


An Apex Legends fan has designed a way to solve what he thinks is a major issue with Wraith’s hitbox, complaining that the way she moves makes it even more difficult to hit her than it should be.

Every character in Apex Legends is completely different, giving players plenty of options when choosing their Legend in terms of abilities, skillset, and even looks. In fact, the characters are so different, they are all vastly different sizes in terms of character models, with Gibraltar must bigger and taller than someone smaller and thin like Pathfinder.

While the wide variety of choices and looks can be a great way for players to show their style or pick Legends based on how they play, this can also lead to issues as early in the game’s lifespan they struggled to hit the mysterious Wraith character when hunting for a victory.


Respawn Entertainment
Some believe Wraith can be too difficult to hit.

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With her hitbox already the smallest of any character in the game, Reddit user /u/FrozenFroh has discovered that there is another issue with Wraith that makes it hard to hit her. While most players run in an upright or slightly hunched position, when the Interdimensional Skirmisher runs, she runs with her head a lot lower than everyone else, making it more difficult to hit headshots as her cranium isn’t at the same height as everyone else’s.

In an effort to show off that idea, FrozenFroh included images of the models while in full sprint, marking the positions of their heads with blue dots. Included in the diagram are Caustic and Wattson, whose heads sit at almost identical heights, while Wraith is significantly lower.


The solution is easy though, with the player showing how making Wraith run with a straighter back would easily raise her head to a similar height as the other Legends, meaning players would know that opponent’s enemies are in one almost identical position, rather than having to adjust for different characters in the heat of combat.

Wraith needs a re-adjustment to her running animations, possibly more, her hitbox is already the smallest but running makes her head even lower. I suggest making her stand taller so that her head-height matches bigger legends. [UPDATED] from r/apexlegends

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Those who utilize Wraith as their main character may not be best pleased with the idea of raising her head to make it easier to hit for enemies, but the move would at least bring the Legends into similar conditions, meaning nobody would have a major advantage in terms of height, even if some heroes like Gibraltar have larger hitboxes anyway.


Respawn Entertainment have yet to address the idea of changing the magical character, but posts like this one from FrozenFroh may encourage the developers to make alterations in the name of fairness.