Apex Legends reveals new Legend Ballistic for Season 17

ballistic apexRespawn Entertainment

After skipping out on a new character for Season 16, Apex Legends has revealed the newest Legend for Season 17, called Ballistic, an older character who is taking the place of his son in the Apex Games.

Ballistic, who was leaked before his official reveal by Respawn themselves, is almost certainly the oldest Legend to join the Apex Games, at 63 years old.

In fact, as a younger man, he competed in the ‘Thunderdome Games’, presumably a precursor to Apex. Now, he’s rejoining the games in a bid to stop his own son competing.

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This was revealed in the latest Stories from the Outlands episode, which you can watch below.

What are Blisk’s abilities?

Blisk’s abilities are not yet confirmed, but leakers did find them in game files.

Whether these abilities remain the same in the full release is yet to be seen.

  • Passive: Weapon Sling – A sling where you can store a third weapon. Access via inventory. The sling weapon cannot take attachments.
  • Tactical: Smart Bullet – Shoots a projectile that debuffs the enemy. Enemies’ guns will start [to] heat up as they shoot. Overheating will cause a reaction and deal damage. Holding the Tactical will allow it to lock on to a target.
  • Ultimate: Weapon Enhancer – When activated nearby, teammates get a buff applied. It gives faster reloads, unarmed move speed and Infinite Ammo. Ballistic’s sling weapon will be equipped and upgraded to gold.

The tactical seems to line up, considering the Smart Pistol weapon seen in the leak from Respawn.

The new season of Apex Legends will start on May 9, with the gameplay trailer on May 1. We should get a much clearer indication of how Ballistic will play then.

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