Apex Legends player creates perfect way to identify friendly abilities

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Apex Legends Caustic
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Apex Legends players know that in the chaos of battle, it can be difficult to distinguish friendly abilities and grenades from enemy ones. One fan, however, has potentially come to the rescue. 

One of the best things about Apex Legends is fast-paced action. A match can go from zero to 100 in a matter of seconds, with skirmishes make-or-break for your squad.

But, with so many players often in a small area, and abilities flying left, right and center, it can sometimes be tricky to know what is an enemy’s and what is friendly.

To help you find some order in the chaos, however, one player has created a system that would be perfect for tracking which abilities are your hostile, and which are your teammates’.

Cool fan idea helps show friendly abilities

Pathfinder using Triple Take in Apex Legends
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Apex players live for the fight, but all those abilities can get confusing!

Due to Apex’s limited Legend pool and the vast amount of players in one game, you’re likely to run into someone playing the exact same character as you.

For your teammates, distinguishing between friendly and enemy abilities can be a nightmare. Luckily though, one player has shared a system that could potentially solve this issue.

First, they’ve added a section under Gameplay settings entitled “Ally Tactical Colour.” This option lets players color code friendly Tacticals in red or blue.

Using Caustic‘s Nox Gas as an example, the accompanying video shows the often confusing green gas being illuminated with a blue hue to make sure that teammates don’t panic.

Entitled “what everyone wants for season 9! It would be so useful,” it’s pretty clear that the majority of Apex fans agree, as the suggestion received thousands of upvotes.

One respondent noted that “I’d love the idea of indicators to let us know what utilities are friendly and which are the enemies,” and would be especially useful “for a solo player” as “it’s often impossible to know if the nade is from your allies or not!”

This wouldn’t just be useful for abilities, but could also indicate friendly thermite grenades, for example.

Will Respawn grant our wish in time for Season 9? That remains as unclear as Caustic’s smokes. Cross your fingers, though, and maybe we’ll see it happen at some point in the future.

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