Apex Legends PC players praise Overwatch 2 for removing aim assist in crossplay lobbies

Bloodhound in Apex Legends aiming gun next to Ana from overwatchRespawn/Blizzard

Apex Legends players have praised Overwatch 2 for not having aim assist in crossplay lobbies between PC and consoles, as some would like Respawn to follow suit. 

While it has been a hot topic for a number of years, the battle between controller and mouse and keyboard users has only gotten bigger in recent years as crossplay has become a bigger thing. 

The debate is especially prevalent in battle royales like Warzone and Apex Legends, where PC players who actually use keyboard and mouse regularly voice their complaints about controller aim assist. It becomes an even bigger debate when PC players ditch the keyboard and mouse for a controller, giving themselves an even bigger leg up. 

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In some games, like Overwatch 2, aim assist isn’t actually a thing in crossplay lobbies, and that has won praise from several members of the Apex Legends community. And, they’d like to see Respawn follow Blizzard’s switch. 

Apex Legends want to copy Overwatch 2 ditching crossplay aim assist 

Even though a lack of aim assist in crossplay lobbies has been a thing since the original Overwatch, it’s sparked back up as a topic thanks to the recent release of Overwatch 2.

Former Apex Legends pro Brenden ‘Inhuman’ Hammond even went as far as calling OW2 “more based” than Apex for not having aim assist during crossplay matches. Naturally, this reignited the flames of the never-ending PC vs Console war. 

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“Take notes @PlayApex. Wanna play in PC lobbies? Leave your aim assist at home,” said one. “Aim assist is there on console, but not on pc? If so, that’s so much better,” added another. “Finally, a game that makes sense,” commented another. “The way it should be.”

Naturally, some fans took the other view, claiming that things would be fine if Respawn simply altered the strength of aim assist when a controller player enters a PC lobby. 

“Controller without aim assist is unplayable,” argued one. “PC players who whine about aim assist haven’t tried playing on controller without aim assist,” added another. 

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Given it’s a contentious debate, who knows if Respawn will ever make such a drastic change, but there are certainly players who are all for it.