Apex Legends devs still “evaluating” aim assist nerfs as PC vs controller debate goes on

Alex Garton
Apex Legends aim assist

An Apex Legends dev has responded to players calling for changes to aim assist on console, revealing that they’re “evaluating” the current situation.

Aim assist on console has been a controversial topic in the Apex Legends community for a long time, with some players calling out the feature as too powerful, and others arguing that it’s not strong enough to compete with mouse and keyboard.

Either way, both parties agree that Respawn needs to make major changes to aim assist and attempt to bridge the gap between both of the platforms.

Luckily, a dev has finally addressed the topic, confirming Respawn hears players “loud and clear” and are evaluating the situation.

Apex Legends Aim assist changes
Aim assist is only available on the console.

Will Respawn make changes to aim assist in Apex Legends?

After being constantly asked about input types by the Apex Legends community, Live Balance Designer John Larson decided to create a TwitLonger answering as many questions as possible.

One of which included a response to those asking for aim assist tweaks, with Larson expressing that it’s not surprising there is gameplay affecting variations between mouse & keyboard and console given Apex offers different input options depending on which platform the game is being played on.

However, he did reveal that Respawn hear the community “loud and clear” and that they’re evaluating the situation.

While he made it very clear that he can’t “make any promises or provide specifics at the moment” it does show that the dev team is aware of the issues with aim assist.

While this isn’t the answer a lot of players were hoping for, it does show that Respawn has acknowledged that the community wants tweaks, and that could be the catalyst for change.

For now, it’s just a case of waiting to see if the devs are planning on tweaking aim assist in the near future. However, with Season 12 on the horizon, it’s likely they’ll be focused on content over balancing for the time being.