JackFrags shows how “maximum aim assist” on PC Warzone is a huge advantage vs console

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Popular YouTuber JackFrags says Warzone players on PC have an even bigger advantage over console players than he first thought, especially if they plug in a controller. 

The age-old debate about PC vs console has continued to rage thanks to the rise of Warzone and its cross-platform lobbies.

Both sides have scored blows in the everlasting war, but when it comes to Warzone, PC players have some serious advantages, as YouTuber JackFrags has pointed out before.

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They can tweak graphics settings to get a better look at things, and even take advantage of console-esque aim assist by using a controller. However, those advantages might be bigger than first thought.

Warzone has refueled the console vs PC war.

JackFrags, who has been using a controller in PC games for the last few games, revisited the topic and suggested that the advantage is greater than even he first uncovered thanks to the Xbox Elite controllers.

The elite controller is configured in a way where the additional bumpers on the back of the pad are mapped for jumping and crouching, so you can continue to move while shooting pretty well.

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Given that Warzone’s aim assist isn’t snap-on, but more attracts to a target like a magnet when moving, this then allows you to get an advantage. As Jack shows, even when strafing, if an enemy is jumping up and down, the aim assist adjusts to work more vertically, thus letting you be more accurate.

As he points out, it does take plenty of practice to master, especially if you’re ditching keyboard and mouse after such a long time using them.

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Additionally, the British YouTuber notes that it must be a nightmare for Raven Software and Infinity Ward to balance, but some changes could be made going forward.

Will this spark a wider move to PC players using a controller in Warzone? Maybe not, but the results are rather interesting and could certainly make some change things up.

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