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Apex Legends trick gives Pathfinder “perfect accuracy” in mid-air

Published: 15/Apr/2021 3:52

by Alan Bernal


Pathfinder mains aren’t strangers at making high-flying plays in Apex Legends, but a trick to get perfect accuracy in mid-air could make their jobs a lot easier.

Apex Legends, more than any other battle royale, rewards creative movement in the Arena. Making use of the landscape can drastically improve your chances in a fight.

Pathfinder is one of those Legends that can take his game to the skies, usually banking on out-maneuvering the opponent to get some clean shots off.

But there’s a trick that lets players make use of precise gunplay in mid-air, with an interaction that mirrors a previous glitch tied to Octane’s launchpad.


Sliding before you grapple gives you perfect accuracy in the air from apexuniversity

Reddit user ‘HeyoThereFriendo’ saw that Pathfinder can benefit from sliding into his Grappling Hook right before taking off.

They advise to slide “into a grapple [since it] gives perfect accuracy,” as evidenced by the back-to-back clips of the two different methods.

Equipped with a Spitfire, the user is having a pretty hard time trying to center the spray onto the target below. But after giving a brief slide into his launch, they were able to get a pinpoint-accurate spray off.

It should be worth noting that this is for players who’ve been practicing their tracking skills since you won’t have a wide margin for error. However, you can use this trick to surprise some teams while being hard to hit.


pathfinder grapple aim apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
Pathfinder players have been known to find unique strats with his Grapple.

Using the technique will likely max out Pathfinder’s Grapple cooldown, so make sure you’re landing somewhere relatively safe.

While this is one of the more straightforward tricks, it’s reserved for some of the more aggressive players who are confident in their shots.

If you’re one of those players, then it could be your time to shine since Respawn could be tempted to clear out this mechanic if it starts to make Pathfinder a problem in Apex Legends.