Apex Legends player finds a new spot to trap people with Caustic’s gas

Alan Bernal

An Apex Legends player found a new spot in the Bunker to spam Caustic’s Gas Traps, bringing a renewed terror back to King’s Canyon.

Respawn Entertainment had cleaned up the dreaded Bunker room in the March 19 patch by taking away the camping spots along the high walls of the room. But it looks like there’s one more spot for players to watch out for.

In a Reddit post, user ‘tpqzefir’ put together a hilarious compilation using a new place to perch themselves, bringing the Toxic Trapper true to form once again.

Respawn EntertainmentThe Toxic Trapper can finally live up to his name once more.

Ruining matches to the tune of the original Wii Shop Channel music, the Caustic player can be seen hanging out in the Northeast corner in one of the Bunker’s Server Rooms sitting and waiting for a victim.

The room is painted black halfway above the wall, where the player is comfortably fixed above, making it hard for passerby players to notice them while looting.

Like the last high spots, if Caustic aims his Gas Traps correctly they could actually trap a player within the room as it fills with toxic Nox fumes.

The result: a stress-induced panic by the trapped player while they slowly realize that their match will soon come an end. But it seems like tpqzefir was having a blast doing it.

Respawn EntertainmentCaustic mains can once again reign terror from above.

His video showed instance after instance of him throwing down the Gas Traps at the opportune moment, whether a single person came to loot the room or a fight broke out with him just waiting in the sidelines to clean up damaged players.

Commenters were split on what to hate about tpqzefir’s discovery. Some people hated that he posted the video which will undoubtedly result in more players trying out the spot, while Caustic mains hated it because now more of the community is aware about the exploit to counter it.

The new spot can be used for great effect and tons of fun, so it will be interesting to see if Respawn cleans this spot to or leaves it for Caustic players to enjoy themselves.

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