When is the Apex Legends Halloween event? Monsters event, release date, skins

Apex Halloween eventRespawn Entertainment

October is on the horizon and that means the Apex Legends Halloween event isn’t far away, but what limited-time cosmetics, skins, and LTMs can we expect to see during the spooky holiday? And what is the new Monsters event?

Season 10 of Apex Legends is well underway and the community are enjoying all of the new content that arrived with the major update,

Whether it’s the World’s Edge map changes, the brand new Legend Seer, or the lethal Rampage LMG, Emergence certainly had a huge impact on the meta.

Despite this, now the initial excitement for the start of the season has passed, players have already got their eyes set on the next event and with October fast approaching, there’s only one holiday on everyone’s mind.

Respawn always puts on an incredible event when it comes to Halloween, and with data miners already revealing some impressive monster-themed skins, it doesn’t look like the devs are going to disappoint this time around.


When does the Apex Legends Halloween event begin?

Apex Legends Halloween eventRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Halloween events usually come with an LTM.

While Respawn hasn’t revealed a specific date for the 2021 Halloween event, we can assume it’s going to kick off around the same time as last year.

This year, there is set to be a special ‘Monsters’ event first, before Shadow Royale starts. The Monsters event is due to begin on October 12, according to various leakers.

Looking back, Fight or Fright began on October 22, 2020, so we can assume this year’s event is going to start in mid to late October. The devs usually host the event in the lead-up to the holiday, so expect it to kick off around a week before Halloween.

Apex Legends Halloween Event skins & cosmetics

Apex Legends skinsRespawn Entertainment
Respawn always releases a set of spooky cosmetics during the Halloween event.

While it’s likely players can expect the return of some classic Halloween skins from the past, a set of leaks has revealed some new monster-themed cosmetics that may be arriving during the event.

Courtesy of reliable dataminer Garretleaks, lots of Monster skins have been found, including a Legendary Revenant skin and a set of spooky holosprays.

You can check out all the leaked Monsters skins here, including ones for Loba, Bloodhound, Seer and more.

These skins and cosmetics are expected to drop earlier than the LTM, which we’ll move on to next/

Will the Apex Legends Halloween Event have an LTM?

Apex Legends Halloween eventRespawn Entertainment
Respawn may opt to introduce a new LTM in the 2021 Halloween event.

According to leaker shrugtal, the Shadow Royale LTM is due to return for Halloween on October 26.

This LTM means instead of being eliminated from the match, players are instead turned into Shadows that can wall-run and double jump.

However, there might be some tweaks to it again like there was last time.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see the devs bring back Shadow Royale, as it’s a fan favorite mode that the community is desperate to play again.

So, there you have it, that’s everything we know so far about the upcoming Halloween event. While we don’t know the full details just yet, it’s likely Respawn will have news on their plans for the spooky holiday in the near future.