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Apex Legends’ Leviathans are on the move ahead of Season 2

Published: 11/Jun/2019 8:30 Updated: 13/Jun/2019 10:50

by Joe O'Brien


Apex Legends players have noticed that the giant Leviathans that stand in the seas outside Kings Canyon appear to be moving.

While there has always been curiosity about the purpose of the Leviathans, so far the creatures have done nothing since the game’s launch, and for most players they’re now simply part of the scenery.

As the game’s first season comes to a close and Season Two approaches, however, it seems the Leviathans are on the move, with eagle-eyed players noticing that they appear to have wandered closer to the island.


For those that struggle to see the difference in the locations by sight alone, u/FrozenFroh also offered a top-down look at how their positioning has changed on the map.


So far, all that’s really known for sure about the game’s second season, which is due to kick off on July 2, is some of the new content arriving, such as new Legend Wattson, a new ranked mode, and the new L-Star SMG.

It seems, however, that Respawn might be ramping up to make some more drastic changes to the game, with construction materials found around the map since the Legendary Hunt Limited Time Mode suggesting a Kings Canyon update is on the way.

It also appears that the developers might be looking to introduce an evolving narrative to the game in a similar manner to Fortnite Battle Royale’s seasonal story, with hints that dragons could be appearing in Season Two.

Exactly where the Leviathans might fit into whatever grand schemes Respawn have for the game remains unknown at this time. Perhaps they could be responsible for destruction that will force certain areas to be rebuilt, or maybe their purpose will fit in with whatever the dragons are set to do.

More evidence has been revealed to back up the fact Leviathans are on the move and this time it comes from Respawn themselves.

The developers posted on the Apex Legends Instagram page that one of the Leviathans, named Rosie, is moving southbound at a rate of ten klicks per hour. It’s hard to tell what the final intent of the Leviathans will be but we will find out in Season 2.

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Apex Legends cosplayer plunders loot on Olympus as gunslinger Loba

Published: 25/Nov/2020 6:47

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Loba is one of the sassiest characters in Apex Legends, and cosplayers love stepping into her knee-high boots, but one has really stunned her fans with a masterful piece.

Apex Legends players are drawn to their favorite legends for different reasons. Some like them for their aesthetic and personality, others like them for their skills and ultimates. However, it’s hard to name one more universally loved than Loba.

Loba has it all, from a unique look and an interesting backstory to a larger-than-life personality. She’s also incredibly useful on the battlefield. The fact she can teleport around makes her an absolute menace in gunfights.

However, her true value lies in being able to spot high-quality loot and teleport it to her squad. In that sense, she’s the ultimate team player, and it’s the reason why she is often in demand. 

Apex Legends Cosplay Loba
Respawn Entertainment
Loba has one of the biggest personalities in Apex Legends.

Loba is a popular choice among Apex Legends cosplayers too. They love stepping into the boots of their favorite gunslinging bandit and embodying her attitude and elegance. Like most cosplays, they’re all incredible in their own way.

Sarenji, a popular German cosplayer with thousands of followers on Instagram, recently stole the hearts of her fans with a stunning Loba cosplay.

“I’ll take your life and your loot. I’m exceptionally good at both!” she said, in reference to a Loba quote.


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A post shared by Legal Waifu✨ (@_sarenji_)

The first set of photos showcases her long braided pigtails with a red-tinge, as well as the make-up, long nails, earrings, gold necklace, and the white and grey chest piece with gold seams. 

The highlight, however, has to be Loba’s trademark silver staff with a wolf’s head on top. Apex Legends players well-versed in the lore will know that it was a gift she received from her father.

In the second set of photos, Sarenji gives her fans a better look at the piece from further back. It provides a more complete picture of the outfit and offers a glimpse at her leggings too.

“A gun is like a beautiful woman. Hold her tight or someone else will,“ she said, quoting Loba once again.


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A post shared by Legal Waifu✨ (@_sarenji_)

Sarenji didn’t hesitate to give credit where credit was due. She thanked ezcosplay for create the outfit and senpai3d_for creating the staff.

Still, it doesn’t change the fact she wore it well and played an equally important part in bringing Loba to life.