Apex Legends leak shows Compound Bow weapon being tested with legendary skins

Apex new weaponRespawn Entertainment

According to a reliable Apex Legends leaker, Respawn is currently developing three new weapons for the game. One of them is called the Compound Bow and it’s certainly caught the attention of the game’s community.

Season 9 of Apex Legends is finally on the horizon and players are looking forward to all of the new content that Respawn has in store. It’s fair to say Season 8 has been a success for the developers with the community enjoying the King’s Canyon map changes and the new legend Fuse.

However, as with all online gaming communities, Apex players are always seeking new information on future content coming to the title. This is especially true if the leaks relate to upcoming legends or new weapons.

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Well, reliable Apex leaker, Biast12 has revealed that Respawn is working on three brand new weapons for the game and one, in particular, is extremely exciting.

Apex Legends Gun leakRespawn Entertainment
Respawn releases a new legend for Apex every single Season.

Apex leaker reveals Respawn testing Compound Bow

Trusted Apex Legends leaker Biast12 has revealed that three brand new weapons are being developed by Respawn. These include the Dragon LMG, the EPG from Titanfall, and long-awaited Compound Bow.

Despite the Dragon LMG and EPG both looking to be great additions to Apex, it’s the Compound Bow that’s caught the attention of the community. While the game has 22 guns for players to pick up, there’s nothing that operates like a bow in the title.

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The Compound Bow has long been rumored to be coming to the Apex Games after artwork for the Crypto Map Room POI first surfaced. 

While there are no clear images of the weapon in the game files just yet, Biast did reveal the bow’s legendary weapon skin names. These include Target Practice, Fringe Field, Dark Age, and Holmegaard’s Relic.

Given how long the new weapon has been speculated on, players will be hoping that it isn’t too long before some of the textures are added into the game files so we can have a proper look at the developer’s hard work.

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For now, that’s everything we know about the Compound Bow that Respawn is working on. Fingers crossed more information is released about the weapon soon so we can see the unique weapon in action.

Keep in mind, as the bow is in development, all this information is subject to change so take the leaks with a pinch of salt.