Apex Legends leak reveals Rampart town takeover first look and teasers

Connor Bennett. Last updated: Aug 08, 2021
Rampart in Apex Legends Season 10

A fresh Apex Legends leak has offered a first look at Rampart’s Town Takeover location as well as more teasers that will be coming to the battle royale.

Town Takeovers have been a thing in Apex Legends ever since Season 2 when Octane’s Gauntlet landed on Kings Canyon. They allow Respawn to refresh the map ever so slightly while adding to a character’s deep lore.

With Season 10: Emergence in full flow, players getting to grips with Seer, and everything else the new update has to offer, eyes turn to what is going to come later down the line.

Leaks have already confirmed that Rampart is set to have a Town Takeover event and accompanying Heirloom drop later the season, and she’s going to be buffed as well. Now, we’ve got a better look at what’s to come for her.

Rampart town takeover Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Rampart was released in the Season 6 update.

As some eagle-eyed fans noticed, one of the teasers for Rampart’s event has a similar-looking ship to the Mirage Voyage, with her version being called “Big Maude.”

According to dataminer GarretLeaks, this should be Rampart’s town takeover spot, but it’s a crashed ship that has been taken over by the Apex Games’ resident modder rather than a flying one.

As for when we’ll start to see teasers in-game for the new town takeover, the leaker says that they’ll begin in early September, with the three usual stages that we’ve seen before returning. Some of these teasers will be found near Lava City, but the exact location of the town takeover has not been revealed.

Other leaks have suggested that the Rampart POI might also be a part of an Arenas map, but of course, that is unconfirmed.

We’ll have to wait a few weeks before we can experience the new town takeover and event, but its shaping up to be a tonne of fun.