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Apex Legends leak reveals new Mirage skin inspired by Supreme and Louis Vuitton

Published: 9/Aug/2021 13:05 Updated: 9/Aug/2021 13:06

by Sam Comrie


Apex Legends players looking to upgrade their street cred are in luck as Mirage is set to get a dapper Supreme-inspired skin through Prime Gaming.

Mirage, Apex Legends’ resident ‘Holographic Trickster’ has always been a Legend blessed with unrivalled style. Honing in on the joyous, exuberant nature of Respawn’s battle royale, Mirage has enjoyed success as a fan-favourite Legend over the years and has some incredible cosmetics to boot.

Occasionally players are treated to various skins through Prime Gaming. Some of them are great, but they can’t all be winners. Well, fear not, as Apex Legends is about to receive a hit of pure swagger. This one is for the coolest of the cool. 


Thanks to a recent discovery by dataminer GarretLeaks, players will be happy to know Mirage is getting his next drop of style. 

Mirage is favored for his tactical decoy ability.

Mirage skin inspired by Supreme and Louis Vuitton coming soon

As Garret shows, Mirage is set to get a new skins that appears to be inspired by fashion giants Supreme and Louis Vuitton. 

Called ‘Brand Ambassador’, this Mirage is skin is going in for a look akin to that of the modern-day YouTuber, and we’re sure that this drip will set Mirage apart from the rest in the Apex Games.

The new addition to Mirage’s wardrobe currently doesn’t have a release date just yet, but we can take a stab at figuring out when it’ll hit the servers. Currently, Seer has a Prime Gaming skin available through August, so if Mirage is next, it’ll only be a few weeks wait. 


Apex Legends’ latest season will continue to heat up the battlefield, as Respawn deals with overpowered legends, nerfs, and streaming favorites coming over to their acclaimed title. Notably, NICKMERCS and TimTheTatMan have been making waves by dropping Warzone for the futuristic skirmishes Apex offers

We know they’ll be eager to acquire their Supreme-inspired skin too.