Apex Legends leak reveals potential ‘Mythic’ tier above Legendary

Alan Bernal

An Apex Legends leak has revealed a new ‘Mythic’ classification that could be used as a tier higher than Legendary in Season 11 or beyond.

Skins and gear in Apex are labeled from Common (lowest tier) to Legendary (highest tier). Separately, Heirlooms are a special classification for melee weapon skins along with respective banner poses and quips.

According to a new leak by Apex dataminer ‘Shrugtal’ a higher grade could fit its way into Apex’s cosmetic system. Though details are still unclear, the info suggests that Bloodhound could receive the new type of skin.

fortnite deadfire reactive skin
The ‘Mythic Level 3’ skin entry in the Apex Legends leak could be pointing to new skin types seen in games like Fortnite.

Apex Legends Mythic skin leak

After the Apex Legends Season 11 update landed, a skin entry was found in the game’s files that points to a cosmetic with multiple levels. Shrugtal said: “Skin entry added for ‘Mythic Level 3 Proxytest’ for Bloodhound. Possibly some higher than Legendary tier being worked on, evolving skins perhaps?”

This began speculation of Respawn possibly experimenting with skins that could change throughout the course of a map or cosmetics with different variants to them.

In battle royales like Fortnite, Epic Games have reactive skins that change as you deal damage. Conversely, Riot Games has multiple levels for some Valorant weapon skins that upgrade their VFX or unlock different color themes.

If Respawn were to attempt these kinds of cosmetics for Apex, they would have a few different ways to incorporate multiple ‘levels’ as the leak suggests. The studio is trying to break the mold of what Apex skins entail with its upcoming Market crossover for the game.

As Season 11 gets underway, Apex players can expect Respawn to add new content to mix up the game and we’ll see if evolving skins are a part of those plans.

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