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Apex Legends leak reveals first look at Fuse’s Ultimate Ability ahead of Season 8

Published: 14/Jan/2021 22:55 Updated: 14/Jan/2021 22:59

by Alan Bernal


A new Apex Legends leak revealed how a map teaser reportedly for Season 8’s Fuse will operate, unleashing the character’s Ultimate in the closing stages of a match.

Although Fuse has yet to be confirmed as the Season 8 Legend, more evidence is surfacing that suggests the explosives expert will be the next colorful character to be joining Apex’s lovable band of contestants.

A video from data-miner ‘SomeoneWhoLeaks’ shows what is believed to be Fuse’s ultimate ability, formerly called ‘Firebomb.’ The mortar strike shown simply shows an undetonated explosive, which takes about 55 damage to detonate.

Although ‘Firebomb’ is just a working name for the previously leaked ability, Respawn probably chose its moniker from the ring of fire that it leaves behind once it explodes, as can be seen in the clip below.

What’s more, Fuse’s ult is believed to be the next in-game teaser to hype up the Legend, a tradition that started with Octane all the way back in Season 1 and through to the latest character, Horizon.

The teaser is expected to quite literally drop into Apex Legends on Saturday, January 16, throughout the day for people to experience it for themselves. all according to the leaker. He claims that Fuse’s bombs will be dropped onto the map in rings 5 and 6, providing for a wild endgame scenario for anyone caught in the crossfire.

Though no concrete details are available as of yet, the data-miner did mention that the explosion does around 70 damage while the fire ticked off 60 HP for about 130 damage in total.

That is obviously not something you’re going to want to tank on your own but will provide for some fun chokehold strats or hazards to be aware of during a fight.

The battle royale has a history of pre-release teasers that give a taste of what that season’s Legend will bring. Recently, Horizon’s Gravity Lifts were scattered throughout the Arena in October to give people an idea of what Season 7 would ultimately bring.

Now it looks like it’s going to be Fuse’s turn for the spotlight since the character could be filling in the next slot in the Apex Legends roster.

Apex Legends

Caustic Town Takeover teasers in Apex Legends: Secret messages on Kings Canyon

Published: 25/Feb/2021 18:24 Updated: 25/Feb/2021 18:34

by Alan Bernal


Teasers for Caustic’s Town Takeover in Apex Legends Season 8 are appearing on Kings Canyon, giving players a mixed bag of hype and dread for what the Toxic Trapper’s event will play like.

Respawn likes to give their Legends a turn in the spotlight with Town Takeovers that transform a point of interest (POI) in the battle royale to emulate a given character. We’ve seen ones for Octane, Mirage, and Bloodhound, just to name a few.

As the studio makes its way through their catalog of Legends, there’s always an atmosphere of renewed excitement for who will get the next Town Takeover going into a season. For Season 8, it’s expected to be part of the Chaos Theory event.

If previous leaks are to be believed, Season 8’s Town Takeover is centered around Caustic and plenty of teasers should be in the game soon.

Apex Legends Caustic Town Takeover teasers

Apex Legends’ loading screen on February 22 showed Caustic walking then stopping to overlook an area just next to Crash Site on Kings Canyon.

Dropping at this location, players could then play a short voice message from Caustic: “The erupted gas pocket and fuel have combined, to create a gargantuan supply of toxin. If there’s a way to refine it, I could mold it into something spectacular.”

Second Caustic teaser

The next teaser then dropped on February 25. Again, the loading screen was changed to a new location, and dropping here, you can find another message from Caustic.

“The best way to test this would be human subjects. Luckily, there’s an ample supply of Lab Rats right here.”


With all of the discussion going around the Legend, there’s people excited to see what a Caustic Town Takeover would play like. However, players that aren’t loving how strong he is at the moment are dreading to see how toxic the event will be.

According to the schedule, we can expect the next in-game teaser to appear on Feb. 27, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that one too.