Apex Legends player shares incredible concept for long-range Sharpshooter Legend

Alan Bernal

Apex Legends has a list of succinct characters, each bringing their own unique spin on engagements to King’s Canyon, and one creative concept would introduce a whole new kind of Legend for the game.

Respawn Entertainment launched their battle royale with eight characters while adding Octane during the launch of Season 1, with each character brimming with more personality than the last.

Reddit user The-Goliath posted their idea for a new Legend named Alpine who specializes in disorienting enemies while picking them off from long-range.

Respawn EntertainmentAlpine could very much fit in with the unique cast Respawn’s stitched together thus far.

Though Alpine sounds menacing on the surface, credit to The-Goliath for creating a character who has just as many faults as she does strengths.

“The idea was to make a sniper character that didn’t have any direct damage abilities, just abilities that would incentivise sniping without forcing players to do it,” The-Goliath said.

Alpine’s kit consists of a passive called Accelerated Ascent that lets her climb quick and faster than other champs while also hanging off the wall similar to a mechanic in Titanfall 2.

Though others were hesitant of her Drop Camo ability which provides cloaking and the ability to go prone. A perfect utility item for long ranged snipers, but the cloaking would dissipate after moving or shooting.

Aural Dampener is Alpine’s Ultimate ability which creates an AoE effect that temporarily deafens anyone in its range.

Many had an issue with Alpine’s ult since it has the potential to make engagements less fun by taking away one of the five basic senses, but that could be remedied by making the area of effect propagate from an apparatus like Lifeline’s D.O.C. drone.

It seems like Respawn already has a few ideas they’re banking on for future Legend releases, but with a few tweaks a character like Alpine could definitely fit into the game.

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