Apex Legends HUD can be drastically improved with simple damage tracker

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have been pouring hours into the title in order to collect the various badges in the battle royale, and a simple change to the game’s HUD would make the hunt much easier to track.

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Respawn Entertainment launched their entry in the battle royale genre on February 4 shortly followed by the release of Season 1 for the game which brought a myriad of badges for players to grind for.

While a vast number of players have been landing in King’s Canyon hoping to claim the increasingly difficult badges, there could be a way to improve how players earn the coveted in-game rewards.

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Respawn EntertainmentPlayers manage to dish out massive damage in game, but waiting for the end of the game to see the totals isn’t ideal when chasing prestigious badges.

In a Reddit post, user ‘Dr_Octet’ found a brilliant yet simple way of changing up the HUD in Apex Legends to show how much damage the player has dealt in the match they’re in.

The concept would show a small target with a live counter right next to it that would increase to reflect the total amount of damage that’s been racked up so far in the match.

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The idea would be a simple change to implement seeing as the damage counter would merely be swapped with the indicator that tells someone how many players are watching them.

Dr_Octet via RedditThe Redditor’s change to the Apex HUD could give players a better sense of how they’re doing in a match.

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Some expressed their concerns with the idea, citing that a feature similar to the concept exists by setting damage as a tracker, then going to the squad screen to get live updates. While it’s not a bad way to go about it, Dr_Octet had a few gripes with that route.

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“Yeah, but there are 4 constraints [to that method of checking damage],” Dr_Octet said. “First, these trackers are not free. Second it requires having in mind the number of damage caused previously and make calculations. Third, it would have to sacrifice a slot tracker for the damage, maybe that I prefer to view others trackers in my banner. Fourth, it takes two clicks to access the squad banners + the time of loading. This is not ergonomic”

Badges in Apex Legends

Even though there are numerous badges that are simple to add to a collection, others are much more demanding and require tons of tries as well as hours to complete.

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Pro Gear SettingsThe game has similar badges for their characters, all demanding insane amounts of damage.

It’s almost certain that there will be more accolades to earn with Season 2 for Apex legends, but as it stands every Legend has a Wrath badge with levels one through four, and scales the damage output that a player needs to deal with a specific character to complete.

Wrath level one asks players to “deal 2000 damage in a single game” and it only gets higher from there with level four demanding a whopping 4000 damage in a single match.

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The badges might take some players a while to finally obtain, but Dr_Octet’s idea would definitely make the pursuit a lot more user-friendly.

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