Apex Legends glitch brings Titanfall 2 wallrunning to battle royale

Alan Bernal
apex legends octane bug titanfall 2 wallrun
Respawn Entertainment

A glitch in Apex Legends can let players perfectly imitate the wallrunning mechanic from Titanfall 2, finally letting some people see how the tech would look like in the battle royale.

Longtime fans of Respawn Entertainment’s works will be familiar with wallrunning in the FPS genre. Unfortunately, the marquee movement feature from the franchise didn’t translate to the Apex Games set in the same universe.

This wasn’t an oversight, either. Respawn has said time and again that wallrunning isn’t suited for Apex Legends, but a glitch is letting Octane players imitate the Titanfall 2 mechanic all the same.

Near the Gardens on Olympus, user ‘zZsr56zZ’ noticed that the giant Hammond Robotics billboard can also be used to get a major slide off after utilizing the High-Speed Daredevil’s Launch Pad.

It was a surprise to be sure. The seamless transition even prompted the player to ask if this was “a bug or intended.” But as we know by now, this would definitely be a bug since the feature isn’t in Respawn’s plans for the Arena.

This bug is likely a variation of another glitch we’ve seen before with Octane’s ult that lets him ride on the underside of bridges and platforms as long as he launches into them.

During zZsr56zZ’s clip, you can see on the other side of the Hammond sign there are little curves and bars that stretch the length of the path the player took.

This could be what Octane’s momentum clung onto, making it appear as if he was wallrunning in the battle royale as opposed to being carried by upward momentum that was redirected to appear as side-to-side.

Respawn Entertainment
Although the mechanic isn’t officially in the game, a bug with Octane’s ult lets him imitate the tech.

As much as we wished this was an intended mechanic, Respawn have been adamant about excluding wallrunning in Apex Legends basically since the game came out in February 2019.

“I’m not saying wallrunning is bad. I’m saying wallrunning is a bad fit for Apex Legends,” Respawn Lead Game Designer Daniel Z. Klein said. “[Apex] is a game where positioning matters, where getting the drop on enemies matters… It’s very unlikely wallrunning will ever come to Apex proper.”

Although we’ll never get wallrunning, Apex players can try their hand at this glitch to recreate the Titanfall mechanic as best as you can with the glitch.