Apex Legends finally reveals Bangalore’s backstory in new Stories from the Outlands

Bill Cooney

Apex Legends’ Stories from the Outlands: Gridiron gives us a whole new look at Bangalore’s story, including the origins of her heirloom skin and more.

Bangalore is one of the OG Apex Legends and has been playable since day one in the battle royale. On January 4, 2022, Respawn finally filled in the gaps of her story with a brand new video.

Called “Gridiron,” the new short is about Bangalore and her brother’s run-in with an IMC Pilot. It’s a major nostalgia trip for Titanfall fans and it explains how Bangalore acquired her Heirloom item.

Bangalore confirmed to be IMC Grunt

We already knew about Bangalore’s brother Jackson, but this new story fills in some cracks of what we don’t know about her. Funnily enough, it also confirms the inspiration for her character was an IMC Grunt from the Titanfall games.

This was already heavily hinted at with her voice lines, and her hatred of Flyers. In the beginning of Gridiron, she’s taken down about as easily as you’d expect against an enemy Pilot.

After waking up from her injuries, Bangalore, being the loyal soldier she is, contacts the IMC to continue fighting. However, the Pilot who finds them is more interested in killing Jackson.

We won’t spoil it, but it perfectly explains why Bangalore rocks a Pilot’s Data Knife as her Heirloom.

Apex Legends Bangalore Knife Heirloom Final
If you were an IMC grunt like Bangalore, you’d hang on to a trophy like this too.

Plenty of fans in the comments suggested Apex should be the next game to get a Netflix series like League of Legend’s Arcane, and it’s not hard to see why with stories and characters of this caliber.

However, watching Gridiron will give you a strong desire to log in and play some Bangalore for yourself. So don’t say we didn’t warn you, soldier.

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