Simple Ash buff in Apex Legends would improve her tricky Ultimate

Apex Legends' Ash is ready to put cheaters on the chopping block with her katanaRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have suggested that Respawn make a simple change to Ash’s portal so that they can avoid confusion when planning their next move. 

At the start of Season 11, Respawn dipped back into the Titanfall lore around Apex Legends and introduced the menacing Ash as a brand-new character to strike fear into the hearts of players.

With her Arc Snare trap, ability to scan death boxes for enemies, and the Phase Breach portal, the offensive legend quickly became a popular pick for players. Despite that, though, there have been a few calls for her to undergo a few changes.

Most recently, players have been suggesting ideas to make her Phase Breach ultimate a little more powerful, but there are others who just want it simplified so that they don’t end up in the wrong spot.

Ash Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Ash arrived in Apex Legends in Season 11, and has had some use.

Apex Legends fan Murtazi put the idea out there on May 8 that when a player is choosing where to place Ash’s portal, they should get an on-screen prompt akin to Loba’s bracelet.

The idea would make the endpoint of Ash’s portal a bit more visible, rather than the small icon that currently appears when you go to place it down.

While it’s only a small quality of life change, it did get some raucous backing from other players. “Excellent idea. Definitely have lost multiple games because of that damn ult not clicking where it should,” said one. ” It would be nice to have it as a toggle option,” added another.

Some players joked that with it being such a common-sense idea, Respawn might take a while to get around to it. “This will be added in four seasons,” one player quipped.

While the devs have said previously that they can’t just outright copy fan ideas, they have listened to calls for similar quality of life tweaks. So, maybe it could be something we see before long.