Apex Legends fans split over “dumb” Team Deathmatch feature

Horizon in Apex Legends aiming down sightsRespawn

Apex Legends fans are split over the Team Deathmatch feature which will force them to play with random teammates.

Season 16 of Apex is set to bring a variety of huge changes to the game, with one of the most important changes is the addition of a completely new game mode to the battle royale.

Team Deathmatch from other FPS games is finally making its way over to Apex Legends, so you can practice firefights or just hang out with your friends in a mode that features a little bit more action per minute compared to the standard BR mode.

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But, despite being a 6 vs 6 mode, the mode doesn’t actually let players team up with 5 friends. Instead, each 6-person team is made of two 3-person teams. So just like the BR, you can only team up with 2 friends.

This has divided the player base into camps that support and oppose the decision.

Apex Legends fans split over a 3-person part limit for TDM

In a February 11 Reddit thread on the topic, players have already begun debating the issue.

“On the one hand, being with randos in pubs and going against a 6 stack would suck. On the other hand, it’s a bummer that you can’t group for voice chat and casual play with 5 friends,” said one player summing up both pros and cons of this approach.

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A big group of Apex players understands how balance-wise this could pose problems.

“If they let all 6 players queue up together then you would hear all the complaints of ppl 6 stacking and how it isn’t fun anymore so it’s definitely better this way,” points out another user.

But on the other side of the argument we have people who simply want to play with a bigger friend group being disappointed.

“Having no options to play apex with more than a group of 3 is one of the biggest reasons I’ve been spending time playing OW2 lately instead.”

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Opinions approving the decision to keep the premade teams capped at 3 players maximum seem to garner a lot more upvotes and likes on both Reddit and Twitter. But the minority of players who simply want to play with more than 2 of their friends at a time is by no means a “small” side to this argument.

Season 16 is set to go live on February 14. Full patch notes are now available.