Apex Legends exploit lets players into locked IMC Armories to troll enemies

IMC Armory spectre standing in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players have already found ways to get inside the locked IMC Armories when other teams are fighting Spectres. Though, don’t expect to have the Smart Bins help you. 

Prior to the launch of Apex Legends Season 13, a number of leakers and dataminers discovered that Respawn would be bringing the deadly Spectres from Titanfall and making them a part of the battle royale.

The Spectres now inhabit Storm Point, protecting the handful of IMC Armories that have risen out of the ground following the launch of the new season.

Players are able to fight off waves of the deadly robots in exchange for some high-tier loot. And while your team is usually locked inside the armories to face the Spectres, you might start seeing other players exploit their way in as well.

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IMC armory insideRespawn Entertainment
Weapons and loot are available in the Armory – but so are spectres guarding it.

That’s right, players have already found a few ways to get inside the armories once another team triggers the PVE encounter to get the loot that lays in there.

Like with the vaults on World’s Edge, players have been able to manipulate different legend abilities to force their way inside. As we’ve seen before, one common tactic revolves around Wraith’s portal, but also uses the Tridents on Storm Point to squash their team in from above.

Unlike the vaults, if a team hasn’t activated the encounter, they’re unable to make use of the Smart Lootbins. Though, they have been able to clean up on the loot collected by other teams.

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Now, it’s not exactly a tactic that is going to guarantee victory, but as shown by some players, it is a way to troll other teams and send them fuming back to the main menu.

Of course, Respawn may turn around and patch the exploit before long, but for now, watch out for unwanted visitors if you’re fighting Spectres.