How IMC Armories work in Apex Legends: Get high-tier loot by fighting waves of spectres

IMC Armories ApexRespawn Entertainment

Brand new for Apex Legends Season 13, IMC Armories are going to be your favorite new drop location. You’ll be able to drop in and get high-tier loot – as long as you can defeat the enemy specters inside. Here’s how IMC Armories work in Apex.

As a result of seismic activity on the Storm Point map, caused by the downed beast’s arrival, long-buried IMC Armories, a relic from the frontier war, have resurfaced on the map.

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These new locations – four of them in total – provide a totally new experience for players, allowing them to get protection from third parties, engage in PvE combat, and get some much-needed loot as a reward.

Spectres in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Spectre in Apex Legends

How to use IMC Armories in Apex Legends

The Armories are ‘automated combat support structures’, which contain weapons, as well as hordes of spectres, originally designed to support pilots.

To use them, you’ll first have to approach, and a ramp will extend, granting access. You can then use a button inside to ‘activate’ the armory, to get access to the loot inside. However, this is protected by the spectres.

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IMC armory insideRespawn Entertainment
Weapons and loot are available in the Armory – but so are spectres guarding it.

After pressing the button, you will start a 60-second PvE encounter with the Spectres. While active, the Amory will be locked, and inaccessible by other teams, meaning you’re protected from third parties while inside.

If you survive for the full 60-seconds, you will be granted ‘smart loot’ from smart loot bins. This loot is specifically tailored to enhance your current loadout, providing you with upgrades to whatever you currently have.

The more spectres you defeat in the 60-seconds, the more loot you will receive.

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To get out of the Armory, you have two choices – exit the way you came in, or, get blasted up into the sky for a redeploy.

IMC Armories locations on Storm Point

There are four IMC Armories on the Storm Point map:

  • Northeast of checkpoint
  • Southeast of Lightning Rod
  • Between Gale Station / Fish Farms
  • North of Cenote Cave
Storm Point Map in Season 13Respawn Entertainment
The new Storm Point map layout for Season 13 – with four IMC Armories.

Why Apex added IMC Armories

We spoke to Samantha Kalman, Game Designer on Apex Legends, who led the design on IMC Armories.

Samantha highlighted that in particular, “novice players will benefit from the Armories,” because they provide a practice area of sorts, free from being attacked on all sides, and the ability to get some good loot before having to face human opposition.

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While some players might not be as interested in the PvE side of things, Kalman and the team expect this, and are hoping that the Armories will give a feeling of choice and decision-making to players. Either go there early to get your match off to a strong start, or use them sparingly, maybe just when there’s a lull in the action.

For now, Kalman said, IMC Armories will only be available on the Storm Point map – but the team isn’t ruling out adding them to other maps too, if they prove popular with players.

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