Apex Legends bug makes Wraith’s Tactical fail for no reason

Apex Legends WraithRespawn Entertainment

A strange Apex Legends glitch is rendering Wraith’s Tactical completely useless and is even putting the ability on cooldown.

Ever since the release of Apex Legends, Wraith has remained one of the most popular characters in the game. Once mastered, her kit gives players the ability to outplay their opponents and win skirmishes that would normally seem impossible.

By far, the most important ability in her arsenal is her Into the Void Tactical, allowing her to enter an invulnerable state while moving for a short period of time.

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Knowing exactly when to utilize this ability is essential when learning how to play the Interdimensional Skirmisher, so when players started noticing that her Tactical just wouldn’t work, alarm bells started ringing.

Apex Legends TacticalRespawn Entertainment
Wraith’s Tactical allows her to escape dangerous situations.

Strange bug is breaking Wraith’s Tactical in Apex Legends

Taking to the Apex Legends subreddit, user natenick showcased a Wraith bug that has the potential to cause serious issues for players attempting to escape danger.

After being downed by an enemy squad, natenick began reviving using their gold knockdown shield and then immediately attempted to use a Shield Battery.

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Before they could complete the animation, they sensed danger nearby and used Wraith’s Tactical to go into an invulnerable state.

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Unfortunately, the ability didn’t seem to trigger and even went on cooldown, leaving natenick completely exposed.

It’s hard to know exactly what caused the Tactical to break but according to players in the thread, issues with the Into the Void ability occur a lot more than they should.

“Her tactical breaks so often, it’s not even funny,” wrote one player. “So many times the animation cancels itself (usually without triggering the cooldown though) when you try to climb something, touch a wall, drop down 5 meters.”

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Given Wraith’s popularity, this is definitely an issue Respawn needs to address but considering the exploits with the Rampage & Sentinel, it’s likely they have their hands full for the time being.

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