Apex Legends devs respond to Trident bugs sending players flying

Connor Bennett
Mirage riding on a Trident in Apex Legends

Respawn are investigating some problems with the Trident vehicles on Olympus, which have been launching Apex Legends players into the sky randomly.

The Trident vehicles arrived in Apex Legends as a part of Season 7, along with the new map, and some players were skeptical about how they would fit in with the battle royale.

They’ve not become something that guarantees wins, but they are pretty useful when you drop into a game on Olympus as you can get from point A to B in a flash.

However, they’ve had their problems too. In the past, players have had issues with Apex crashing their console or PC when using an ultimate on the Trident, prompting Respawn to take them away for a little while.

Apex Legends trident olympus
Respawn Entertainment
The Trident makes traversing Olympus much easier.

More recently, there have been some instances where, when standing next to a Trident, players would be launched up into the sky. Some players were even unluckier and never made it back to the ground and had to find new games.

As these problems have become more widespread, players have been calling for a fix, and now Respawn have confirmed that they’re looking into it.

“Ooooooof. Taking a look,” commented Respawn’s Dave Osei after one player found themselves and their Trident flying to the top of Grow Towers as they tried to heal. Of course, the Trident shouldn’t be able to get to that spot either and Osei noted that Respawn were investigating that as well, but they may have already gotten a fix sorted for the future.

Screenshot via Reddit
The full response from Respawn on Reddit.

While the dev dropped a response on Reddit, the problem hasn’t quite reached Respawn’s public Trello board where players can track known problems. Usually, their biggest priorities will be listed here.

It remains to be seen if this one is a simple fix and can be sent out in a hotfix, or if it’ll be a part of the big, start of Season 9 update that will happen in early May. For now, though, be wary around Tridents.