Apex Legends devs respond to “game-breaking” crossmap bug with Ziplines

Alan Bernal

A couple of Respawn developers were taken aback after seeing a strange Pathfinder bug with his Zipline Gun that extended the ultimate across a sizable portion of the map – and one of them even called it “game-breaking,” so don’t expect it to be in there for long.

The Zipline gun is meant to give people a huge rotation out of a sticky situation or to get vertical in an instant, but Respawn definitely developed it with a set distance in mind.

However, there’s a bit of trickery players can use with the balloons scattered throughout the Apex Arena, which can sometimes give you an extra chunk of distance with Pathy’s Zipline.

In a clip from user ‘EpicMrShank’ called ‘longest Pathfinder zip ever,’ you can see them trying to line up a shot at a nearby jump tower’s balloon.

Some people have been getting more use out of Pathfinder’s Zipline.

While the experiment was meant to get them to the balloon, the Zipline shot simply kept going past its target. The visual shows that it actually did hit the balloon, but EpicMrShank nor their team could actually get on it.

A few moments later, they were finally able to use the Zipline, but not until it went much further than its intended mark.

According to the player and their team, the bug let them tether the ultimate to an object some-230m away, which resulted in one of the longest Zipline rides the game has seen.

It seems that quite a few players found this to be incredibly amusing. Game Designer Daniel Z. Klein and Apex Security analyst Conor ‘Hideouts’ Ford were equally impressed, but the former might look to address this glitch sooner rather than later.

“Excuse me, what?” Hideouts said. In jest, Klein asked people to “please stop breaking the game, (since he has) so many bugs on (him).”

Klein also hinted that the “6.1 patch notes on the horizon” might take care of the issue, after one player jokingly suggested that could be a ‘new Pathy buff’ if Respawn wanted.

It’s a bit tricky for people to recreate the Zipline bug, but even if you do, it might not be around long enough to properly implement in your Apex Legends games.

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