Apex Legends devs are already planning more Rampart buffs in Season 8

Rampart in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Rampart was buffed in Apex Legends Season 8, and it’s already having a good effect on the Legend’s pick rate. However, Respawn isn’t satisfied yet, and are looking at more buffs for the turret-toting gal.

Rampart has always been at the bottom of the Apex Legends tier list. Ever since her release in Season 6, the turret-toting Legend hasn’t had much of an impact on the meta.

Most of that comes down to her stationary playstyle, which is unfit for a battle royale. As the battle moves on from her hold, she has no impact. She is also just strictly worse at holding down areas compared to other ‘bunker-down’ Legends like Caustic and Wattson.

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Apex Legends Rampart BuffRespawn Entertainment
Rampart has been buffed a ton in Apex Legends, but still isn’t relevant.

Buffs in Season 8 have given her some relevance in the meta. With an increased range of motion on Sheila, and more health on her Amped Cover, Respawn believes Rampart has landed “surprisingly well.”

However, they are still looking at more buffs for later in Season 8, or even Season 9.

“She’s not quite in the healthy range yet (especially not in pick rate, and history has taught us that when pick rate goes up, win rate does down) and we’re talking about more stuff to do for her,” developer Daniel Klein told players on Reddit.


They’re happy where the buffs with her kit, as well as changes to the Spitfire and the addition of gold mags, have helped her. The latter changes gave her passive a bit more power with even more rounds in a magazine, as well as faster reloads while holstered.

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What those buffs could entail isn’t exactly clear. Respawn is hesitant to add more power to her Amped Cover as that would make her too strong as a “reactive” Legend.

Until then, Rampart players can hold out hope their main might be relevant in the Apex Legends meta for once.