Apex Legends developer responds to strange Arc Star glitch

Eli Becht

A perplexing ARC star Apex Legends glitch that seemingly bounced off an enemy’s Voidwalker skin was addressed by a Respawn Entertainment developer.

The Apex Legends Voidwalker event is currently in full swing and players are grinding out the challenges and earning rewards as they go.

While there’s undoubtedly a lot of excitement surrounding it, there are still some nagging issues impacting the game that have been around since the launch back in February.

EAWraith is the topic of another glitch.

In fact, one fan even jokingly accused the new Wraith Voidwalker skin of being pay-to-win after an Arc star appeared to deflect off the model.

Reddit user OneWingedHawk_ uploaded a clip of the incident in question and in the slow-motion version, you can clearly see the grenade come into contact with the enemy to no effect.

As it turns out, it sounds like the glitch might have to do with the server issues than it does with the skin itself.

Redditor bobotraite explained what the player sees in-game may not always be what the servers see. When the server updated, it saw the grenade hit the box, causing the Arc star to look like it deflected off the skin.

“On the client it hits wraith but on the server it misses and hits the bin,” he wrote. “The weird path it makes is the client interpolating between where it thinks the arc star is, and where the server says it actually is.”

Respawn dev RaymeCV agreed with the explanation, saying that while he’s not one of the experts, he believes bobotraite is “completely correct.”


Apex Legends has had minor problems like this since launch. While the majority of them won’t have an extreme impact on whether you win or lose, they are still annoying to run into.

The developers have a Trello page set up where players are able to report bugs like this. So if you come across any of them, be sure to let Respawn know so they can add it to the list.

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