Apex Legends devs respond to broken Loba bracelet after Season 13 update

James Busby
Loba outside new Storm Point Downed Beast POI

Apex Legends Season 13 is finally here, but the new update has broken Loba’s tactical again, leading to many frustrating deaths. 

Loba has famously had plenty of problems with her teleporting tactical in past Apex Legends seasons, with the ability simply failing to activate. Despite Respawn fixing this tactical in previous patches, the issue has resurfaced with the arrival of Season 13

Having a broken ability is obviously incredibly frustrating for the game’s community, especially since this problem has persisted since Season 5. After all, getting into a firefight and finding your tactical doesn’t actually work can often prove fatal. 

Loba tactical broken in Apex Legends Season 13

Loba Apex Legends
Loba’s tactical is broken once again.

The issue seems to appear when players use Loba’s tactical near water, which is fairly common on Storm Point. This can obviously lead to some incredibly frustrating moments for Loba mains. 

Not being able to teleport away from an unwanted engagement or simply reposition is infuriating at the best of times, especially when it ends up costing you the game. In fact, there are even areas on Storm Point where Loba’s bracelet simply fails to activate at all. 

It has even been reported that Loba’s bracelet rarely works when used at The Downed Beast – a new POI on Storm Point. This high-tier loot location enables players to fight inside, around, and on top of a beast’s lifeless carcass. 

Posting on Twitter, one user highlighted how inconsistent Loba’s tactical currently is on Storm Point. Fortunately, a member of Apex Legends’ live team support has responded to the issue, stating: “ The team is already aware and looking into this issue! Hoping to get a fix out ASAP.” 

Now that Respawn is aware of the broken tactical, hopefully, a fix will be deployed quickly. For now, though, it’s best to avoid using Loba on Storm Point or only utilizing her bracelet on flat areas of the map.

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