Apex Legends dev shares touching Storm Point tribute to late grandmother

Eugene Kim shares touching tribute to late grandmother on Apex' storm point mapRespawn Entertainment

There’s a hidden detail on Storm Point that serves as a touching tribute to the late grandmother of one member of the Apex Legends development team. 

Respawn Environment Artist Eugene Kim, also known as antimatik, shared an in-depth look at a secret memorial for his late grandmother that has been hiding in plain sight on Apex’s newest map.

While it’s easy to miss if you don’t know what you’re looking for, this minute detail carries a fistful of meaning behind it and once you’ve seen it, it’s impossible to forget just how thoughtful the gesture really is.

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Apex Legends dev leaves secret tribute to his late grandmother

The Storm Catcher Point of Interest in Apex Legends is a popular landing spotRespawn Entertainment
Storm Catcher is one of the more popular POIs on Storm Point and that will only increase as players learn about this easter egg.

The hidden sign is in the biggest building at the Storm Catcher POI and is inscribed on the upper portion of a wall.

Just to the right of a storage box, the characters “K종순” are set into the brown background of the interior wall. Those are the initials of Kim’s grandmother, Kim Joung-Soon, who passed away in May of 2021.

The mapmaker shared that placing his tribute to her in a busy part of the map was key because of her long history of being surrounded conflict: “She outlived two major wars and another country’s occupation in her lifetime only to pass peacefully in bed; it doesn’t get more gangster than that.”

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He concluded his thoughts on the subject by reminding players that they’re doing more than just battling it out for placement points when they fight at Storm Catcher: “To any and all Apex Legends players, just know when you fight in this building, you not only fight for the win, but also for her amusement. Love you and miss you, Grandma.”

Apex Legends players pay tribute

Though a simple gesture, Kim’s tribute touched Apex players who are already looking forward to honoring the developer’s grandma.

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“Mate that is so bloody heartwarming,” one person wrote. “You can take solace in that we renamed Storm Catcher to ‘Party Palace’ with my community cause it’s always going off and we be the life of the party.

“Everytime we leave there as the last ones standing it’s a testament to her.”