Apex Legends dev confirms “time is coming” for major Seer nerfs

Alex Garton
Seer Apex Legends nerfRespawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends dev has confirmed Seer will be receiving nerfs in the near future, reassuring fans that his “time is coming”.

Recon characters in Apex Legends are invaluable to a squad, especially those that are equipped with scans that reveal the exact position of enemies.

This is exactly what makes Seer such a powerful Legend in the Outlands, as every single one of his abilities can be used to track down foes. Not only that, he’s been seeing a huge amount of play in the ALGS and the upper echelons of Ranked, with him currently sitting at an 8.4% pick rate in Master and Predator.

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While this is great for Ambush Masters mains, the rest of the community has voiced their concerns about Seer in recent seasons, calling on Respawn to nerf his kit.

Well, an Apex Legends dev has addressed the topic on Twitter and confirmed he will receive a nerf soon.

Seer Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The community has been calling for Seer to receive nerfs over the past few seasons.

Apex Legends dev confirms Seer nerfs are coming soon

During a Twitter discussion about Gentlemen’s Agreement and whether Apex pros should be able to ban certain Legends or weapons as a collective, Seer was brought up as an example of a character who would likely be banned if this was allowed by Jon Kefaloukos.

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In response, Senior Producer at Respawn Josh Medina expressed that he wouldn’t like GAs to be part of pro Apex. Instead, as a dev team, they’d prefer to address the issues rather than force pros to ban what is broken in the current meta.

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As expected, this sparked a huge amount of backlash from players who asked Medina why Seer hadn’t been nerfed yet.

Rather than ignoring players, Medina addressed fans directly by confirming that he knows “1 legend in particular right now” is causing a lot of frustration.

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Referencing Seer, he revealed that the community can be reassured that “everyone’s time is coming including his”.

So, it’s safe to say we can assume Respawn has already laid out plans to nerf Seer in an upcoming update. Whether that’s in the Collection Event that’s just around the corner, or Season 16 is impossible to know.

However, it’s great to see the devs taking on feedback and with Medina saying that the balance changes are “part of a bigger picture”, it’s likely Seer won’t be the only Legend hit with significant alterations.

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