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Strange Apex Legends glitch makes Wattson’s electric fences invisible

Published: 8/May/2020 11:59

by Daniel Cleary


A bizarre bug with Wattson’s Perimeter Security ability has been leaving Apex Legends players confused, with seemingly invisible traps.

While Wattson has not been considered a strong meta pick in Apex Legends as of late, her unique ability kit can still be devastating to any enemies who get caught unaware.

A new bug has recently surfaced with Wattson’s Perimeter Security traps, causing the Static Defender’s electric fences to become invisible. This has, quite understandably, left opposing players stunned after taking damage from nowhere.

Respawn Entertainment
A bizarre Apex Legends glitch has been turning Wattson’s traps invisible.

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Wattson’s abilities can be great for trapping players and securing an area in Apex Legends, particularly in places with narrow doorways at the entrance that can make it hard to disable the fences.


One player ‘u/WNlover’ was victim to the bizarre glitch after emerging from the Hydro Tunnels in Kings Canyon. Upon leaving the tunnels, the player found that one of the doors was guarded by the electric traps.

They then turned towards the other exit instead, which seemed to be clear of any kind of threat and attempted to leave the building.

Wattson got a neat buff… from apexlegends

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Unfortunately for the Apex Legends fan, they walked straight into an invisible trap with no ways to counter, losing almost half of their health due to the strange bug.

It is unclear what caused the electric fences to disappear from sight, although many Apex Legends bugs have popped up, from strange interactions between doorways and abilities in the past.


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There has been another glitch that makes Wattson’s traps temporarily invisible, which was found by Apex Legends players, although it required the help of the giant Harvester door to mask the abilities.

As this bizarre incident seems to have been a one-off, it is quite unlikely that we’ll see a massive spike in Wattson players due to her highly-situational abilities.