Apex Legends leak reveals upcoming epic skin for unreleased Volt SMG

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends gets a new weapon every season, and this season’s expected weapon, the Volt LMG, has already had an epic skin leaked by dataminers.

For months now, Apex Legends leaks have suggested that Titanfall 2’s Volt SMG would be the next gun released in the popular battle royale.

While it was initially expected to debut in Season 4, speculation now expects the sub to drop in with Loba at the start of Season 5: Fortune’s Favor—and the presence of leaked skins for the gun seems to confirm that.

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Respawn Entertainment
Titanfall 2’s Volt SMG—known for its ‘blue tracers’, high-damage hitscan shots.

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In Titanfall 2, the Volt is an energy-based SMG that fires ‘blue tracers,’ hitscan shots that glow blue and give away your position to enemies who are not already nearby enough to be getting beamed down. 

It excels at short ranges and can be expected to do the same in Apex Legends, possibly sitting somewhere between the R-99 and the L-STAR as a high-powered, but range-limited automatic weapon.

Adding to hype over a new incoming SMG, dataminer ‘Suum’ tweeted out what appears to be an epic skin for the Volt—a blue variant with crackling lightning pulsing through dark blocks on the guns’ sides.

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From its appearance, the Volt looks like some sort of crossover of the L-STAR and R-99 with a chunkier frame than the former, but a much lighter stock than the latter. This fits with what we’d expect of the gun from its role in Titanfall 2.

One interesting note is that the Volt appears to feature the same suppressor seen in its original iteration. While that barrel suppressor served no in-game purpose in the former game, it would be interesting if its inclusion is more than a cosmetic decision for Season 5.

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While there’s been no confirmation that the gun may be Apex Legends’ first to feature a silencing function, Suum appears to have confirmed that it will at least be the gun featured next season—as all four epic skins are already included in the game’s files.

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Season 5 releases on May 12 and, alongside Loba’s release and some possible changes to King’s Canyon—we’ll be sure to find out exactly what role the Volt SMG will play.

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