Apex Legends controller disadvantage is still causing problems in Season 11

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An issue that makes it impossible for controller players to reload behind a downed teammate has still not been fixed in Apex Legends and players are becoming increasingly frustrated.

Button remapping is extremely important in FPS games, as it allows players to find a comfortable layout that fits their playstyle and preferences.

While this feature is available for Apex Legends players on PC, it’s not an option for those on consoles. As a result, certain buttons are used for multiple interactions, and this can cause some frustrating issues in gunfights.

One that’s mentioned frequently by console users is the inability to reload when using downed teammates for cover. As this has been a problem since the game’s release, players are beginning to lose patience and are now asking the devs directly for a fix.

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Apex Legends Season 11 went live on November 2.

Apex Legends players want controller button remapping

After encountering the issue in one of their Apex matches, Jashby010 took to the Apex Legends subreddit to showcase why certain interactions on controller put consoles players at a disadvantage.

While attempting to use their downed teammates as cover, Jashby010 was unable to reload their weapon as the revive and reload functions are bound to the same button.

Of course, this is a huge issue for console players as using your teammates for cover on PC is a great tactic for coming out on top in intense gunfights.

As a solution, Jashby010 suggested making it so players have to tap to reload and hold to revive, but for a lot of the community, button remapping is the only proper solution.

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It’s safe to say Jashby010 isn’t the only one experiencing this frustrating interaction on console, with multiple users describing it as a massive issue: “I had this same problem yesterday I agree it’s a huge issue with console.”

Others have argued that Respawn should add button remapping to console, and give players the freedom to layout their controller for themselves.

“It’s weird how these 2 things on controller are the most called for fixes… let us choose to reload behind teammates and let us move while looting,” one user wrote.

Either way, it’s obvious there’s a demand for button remapping on console, or at the very least a set of changes to prevent these interactions from happening. We’ll just have to wait and see whether Respawn takes note and makes it a priority.

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