Apex Legends clip shows how overpowered Strikepacks are for controller players

Alex Garton
Apex Legends strikepack
Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends clip has showcased how overpowered Strikepacks are when using single fire on certain weapons like the R301, Hemlok, and G7 Scout.

While the Apex community has been enjoying all the major additions that arrived with the Season 10 update, there are concerns among players about the use of controller mods or Strikepacks in normal matches.

Although they do not fall under the category of cheats or hacks, they are an external device that connects to a controller and allows players to rapidly shoot single fire weapons.

Of course, as these single-fire guns are not designed to be used with a full-auto fire rate, they do a significant amount more damage than a standard AR or SMG.

This has sparked a debate over whether Respawn should take a stand against these kinds of devices for casual play, so everyone is on a level playing field.

Apex Legends Strikepack
Respawn Entertainment
Strikepacks are external devices that can be connected to a controller.

Apex Legends player gets instantly taken down by Strikepack user

While playing Apex Legends on August 25, Reddit user albertobbg was instantly downed by a player using an R301. After watching the clip back, they realized they had been downed incredibly quickly and the gunfire sounded rather strange.

It was at this point that albertobbg noticed that the opponent was using the R301 in single fire mode but somehow it was operating as a full-auto weapon.

Users in the thread came to the conclusion that the enemy player had a Strikpack attached to their controller. This explains why they were able to abuse the single-fire of the R301 to significantly increase their TTK.

As Strikepack’s are an external device, it’s incredibly hard for Respawn to take any action against players using them in casual games.

While the devs have banned Strikepacks in this year’s ALGS, meaning pros can no longer use the devices on a controller, a lot of the community believe anyone using one should be punished.

Ultimately, they offer players an unfair advantage as single fire weapons do significantly more damage than those that are set to full-auto. Now Respawn has taken a stance against the pros, it’ll be interesting to see if they decide it’s finally time to ban them as a whole.