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Game-breaking Apex Legends bug allows players to get under the map

Published: 7/Oct/2019 16:45 Updated: 8/Oct/2019 6:58

by Eli Becht


For Apex Legends Season 3, players were taken to a brand-new map called World’s Edge, but some players have discovered a major bug that allows them to get underneath the map.

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There was a lot of excitement for the start of Apex Legends Season 3 as it not only brought a new character, Crypto, into the game, but it also introduced a brand new map as we waved goodbye to Kings Canyon.

The map is called World’s Edge and it has been mostly praised so far in Season 3. However, it’s not all smooth sailing as a huge game-breaking bug has been discovered that will actually allow players to get under the map and stay there for the whole game.


Kings Canyon is no more.
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Reddit user djff88 posted a video of him and his squad gliding to the edge of the map where they then hug the invisible wall and drop underneath the whole thing.

They spend the whole game running under it to make sure they don’t take storm damage, as it will still damage you even if you aren’t actually above ground.

We found a glitch in the new season 3 map (under the map!) from r/apexlegends

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Of course, if you find yourself underneath the map, it doesn’t automatically guarantee a win but it’ll certainly make things a lot easier as you won’t run into any sort of opposition there.


All you’ll have to do is remain safe in the storm and if you have a player who is Wraith, you can survive a long time down there through the use of her portal.

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Obviously, this is a major problem in the game and you would expect Respawn to get this one fixed rather quickly once they become aware of it.

There are still some nagging bugs that are affecting the game, but none are quite as big as this one so players would certainly appreciate this getting fixed, especially if it starts to get abused in more matches.