Unusual Apex Legends bug makes Bloodhound scans completely useless

Connor Bennett
Bloodhound crouched down with a knife in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players have been running into a problem with Bloodhound’s scan ability where it doesn’t show any enemy players, even if you stand right next to them. 

With each different legend having their own unique abilities, Apex Legends stands out from the battle royale crowd. Though, there are times when those abilities end up being a problem. 

Sometimes, Respawn Entertainment will tweak an ability and either make it too strong or too weak compared to other characters. And other times, they just don’t work as intended, and can ruin a match for players.

The developers have been addressing these issues whenever they pop up, but now, Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather tactical has run into a few issues and looks to be completely broken. 

Bloodhound skin in Apex Legends with Twitch Prime logo
Bloodhound has been a staple of Apex Legends since its release back in February of 2019.

Ahead of the ALGS Winter event, a number of professional Apex Legends players voiced their concerns about broken abilities – pointing out that Bloodhound’s tactical simply doesn’t work. 

“This is the game we play competitively, Bloodhound scan directly on a full team, nobody shows on scan,” tweeted NRG’s Chris ‘sweetdreams’ Sexton. “Absolutely unacceptable. Happens lots of times too.”

As sweetdreams shows, his team used a scan right at the same team as an enemy team that’s within range of being found. However, they don’t show up, and he gets caught out by the opponents hiding under a rock. 

TSM’s Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen also tweeted about the issue, noting that there also bugs with Gibraltar’s and Casutic’s ultimates not working either and simply disappearing. 

None of these issues have cropped up on Respawn’s public Trello board, where they show what problems are being looked into. Nor have they been mentioned for any planned fixes in the Season 8 patch notes – although full patch notes haven’t been released yet.

There’s no telling if the issues will be addressed soon with a hotfix, or if players will have to battle on until the next update. But, hopefully, Respawn will get it all ironed out.

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