Apex Legends bug gives Caustic unlimited Nox Gas Traps

Alan Bernal

Apex Legends players have a new reason to fear the game’s Toxic Trapper after a new clip shows how a new glitch is producing an unlimited amount of Nox Gas Traps for players to abuse.

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The battle royale genre was taken by storm when Apex Legends dropped on February 4, but the game has since been plagued with mounting problems with hitboxes, strange bugs, and problematic servers.

It’s been a slow path to recovery for Apex Legends after its meteoric rise upon release. As fans are eagerly awaiting Season 2 and all the enhances it’ll bring, there are some problematic bugs that are still popping up from time to time.

[ad name=”article2″]Respawn EntertainmentThe Toxic Trapper is really living up to his name with this insane Apex Legends bug.

In a Reddit post, user ‘antipostalobsta’ stumbled onto the bug which let them create toxic chaos, forcing a team to get stuck between a rock and a Nox place.

The clips shows the Apex player going mad with the newfound power they’d discovered, as they can be seen throwing trap after trap that slowly made the entire scene hazy with a deep green filter.

It seems like the bug opened up a new tactic for antipostalobsta to use, as it looks like they were starting to build a wall of Gas Traps to block the path of the incoming squad.

As one can see in the lower left side of the video, the Tactical Ability icon for the Now Gas Traps seems to reset with every use. Normally Caustic can give three tanks out, but it looks like the game is recognizing there are at least two already in play, but still awards an extra trap.

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Caustic mains are going wild with unlimited Gas Traps

It looks like some players have cracked the code on how to replicate the Caustic bug, which could make it easier for the Respawn Entertainment team to implement a fix for in the future.

“Get 3 traps, throw them all, Get your ult and 3 more traps,” user ‘khgmutt’ said. “Spam heals (even if you’re not hurt). Spam traps. It will hesitate after the third trap sets up… Keep spamming.”

Respawn EntertainmentThe Caustic bug can be used to create huge plums of inescapable Nox Gas.

The user went on to say that there can only be six “untriggered” traps at a time, but as soon as they bloom the game will let the player place more.

This seems like one of those bugs that Respawn Entertainment will want to fix as soon as possible, seeing how players will easily find ways to abuse the glitch.

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