Apex Legends EA Play demo revealed a major fix for Bloodhound’s Tactical Ability

Alan Bernal

An eagle-eyed Apex Legends fan saw what could be a major improvement to Eye of the Allfather that Bloodhound players have been wanting in the game for a long time.

Respawn Entertainment were in full force with brand new features for their battle royale to show off during EA Play 2019, with their biggest news being the official reveal of upcoming legend Wattson.

Throughout their presentation, the devs had some gameplay footage to show how the new legend would mix with the other members of the roster, when there was a brief sequence featuring the Technological Tracker.

Respawn EntertainmentBloodhound attracted tons of players because of their kit, but problems with their abilities are leaving players wanting some updates.

In a Reddit post, user ‘I_am_a_Failer’ spotted Bloodhound using Eye of the Allfather, and was surprised to see that the version on-screen seemed to actually be tracking their target using a wide scan.

“Bloodhound scan now seems to be tracking the target,” I_am_a_Failer said, later adding. “You can literally see the walking animation.”

In the clip, the audience can see Wattson’s POV as an ally Bloodhound uses their Tactical ability, which revealed an enemy Gibraltar on the level right above them. Since they knew Gibraltar’s location, they were primed and ready to take him out as soon as he descended to their level.

Although the fix wasn’t touched on by the developers, fans still got excited seeing as though the ability will soon be able to give players a rendered image of a target through objects, and actually track them briefly.

What’s the problem with Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather?

Hopefully the clip means that the Eye of the Allfather will soon work as intended to be a great ability, rather than a liability.

In its current state, using Eye of the Allfather doesn’t let the player shoot for about two seconds, just to be met with a scan of where the target used to be – and that’s if the ability even worked at all.

Some clips show Bloodhound using the tactical move and then being given the “No Hostiles” indicator, just to be met with an enemy a short moment later.

During Respawn’s EA Play feature, it was mostly about Wattson and how she would play in the game, but they didn’t touch on any potential legend tweaks.

The Apex Legends community is hopeful that this clip means the developers have some legend fixes in the works behind-the-scenes coming in Season 2.

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