Apex Legends buff would make Revenant a walking nightmare

Andy Williams

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Apex Legends’ Revenant has been decidedly underwhelming, at least gameplay-wise, following his Season 4 debut, but this buff concept could make him the most ruthless mercenary in World’s Edge.

Revenant has failed to shake up the meta like most had hoped. With a below-par set of abilities that are easy to counter, the Synthetic Nightmare didn’t seem so deadly after all.

And even after the simulacrum’s most recent buff as part of the Old Ways Event update, the character still remains at the bottom of our Legend tier rankings.

Apex Legends' Revenant.
Revenant has failed to match the hype produced in the Assimilation trailer.

So with that in mind, one fan has completely reworked Revenant’s abilities into a concept which might put him on a level playing field with the likes of Wraith and Pathfinder — in what they’ve dubbed “Revenant 2.0.”


As part of the overhaul, the simulacrum has received a much-needed tweak to the height their Stalker Passive ability allows players to reach. As birderp explained, this matches the ‘stealth’ persona depicted in the cinematic trailer, validated even more with an in-game function.


Although the Redditor completely threw Revenant’s Tactical out of the window and replaced it with an entirely new ability, based around the simulacrum’s ‘shadowform.’ Essentially, the ‘From the Shadows’ ability would allow the Synthetic Nightmare to run twice as fast for up to three seconds to facilitate a quick escape.

Apex L:egends' Revenant in shadowform.
Revenant would be a menacing threat should they be able to utilize his shadowform.

On paper, the ability would operate in a similar capacity to Wraith’s ‘Into the Void’ Tactical, and would allow Revenant to counter other Legends in-game, by escaping Crypto’s drone or Bloodhound’s scan. And in terms of providing balance, the user states that if shot, Revenant would be immediately pulled out of his shadowform.


Birderp also reworked Revenant’s ‘Death Totem’ Ultimate to create the ‘Illusion of Death.’ The crux of the ability is similar to the simulacrum’s existing Ultimate, in that it would respawn you and your team at a designated location when you activate it.

Essentially, players would only take health damage for the duration of the Ultimate (45 seconds). Once players are below 50 health points and as soon as Revenant decides, they can create the illusion that their squad has died by dropping a dud Death Box.

While the opposition would believe they have got one over Revenant and co., they will have actually just respawned back at their chosen location.

Apex Legends' Revenant using their Death Totem.
The rework would provide a slightly different take on Revenant’s Death Totem ability.

Of course, as the creator of this buff idea points out, experienced players would be able to tell the difference between a phony Death Box and a legitimate one, but nonetheless, it would provide a much-needed revamp for the Synthetic Nightmare.

So on the whole, while birderp’s Revenant buff appears a little abstract, it provides a well-balanced change that might just give the Legend a nudge in the right direction.