Apex Legends player makes bizarre map change request for Broken Moon

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After exploring the recently released Broken Moon map, one Apex Legends player has put forth a bizarre question about the level design.

Respawn added the Broken Moon locale to Apex earlier this month, alongside the launch of Season 15: Eclipse.

The terrain of the habitable moon environment is nothing short of extraordinary. Compiled of everything from lush gardens and a wharf to rocky bases and expansive production yards.

But in scouring the map’s varied points of interest, one Apex Legends player found themselves asking one critical question: “Where are the toilets?”

Broken Moon raises questions about sanitation in Apex Legends

Reddit user Hero_Sandwich has found toilets on several Apex Legends maps, including King’s Canyon and Olympus.

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For some reason, though, the player hasn’t seen the object represented on Broken Moon, an oddity that has them wondering how the moon’s inhabitants get rid of bodily wastes.

But for all their searching, it’s possible the player simply missed the toilets on Broken Moon. A few other Redditors chimed in to say they’ve previously spotted toilets on the map, specifically in the “very rectangular two-story houses,” someone said.

Apparently, it’s a memorable sight to see, too, since these particular lavatories sit behind glass doors that everyone can look into.

Regardless of its sanitation situation, Broken Moon has won over many an Apex Legends player, so far. But there are those who don’t care for the Promenade POI, as its open design and invisible walls can prove frustrating at best.

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In addition to the new map, Apex Legends’ Season 15 update also ushered in another playable hero – Catalyst. Like Broken Moon, this defensive character boasts plenty of layers for users to explore.