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Apex Legends Bloodhound skin leaked after in-game glitch

Published: 11/Feb/2019 16:30 Updated: 11/Feb/2019 16:42

by David Purcell


Bloodhound’s brand new skin in  captured the imagination of an astonishing amount of people, with a growing interest in each of the legends that feature in the game. 

However, little did they know that Respawn would be adding a new skin for Bloodhound so soon. 

Respawn EntertainmentIs a new skin for Bloodhound about to land in Apex Legends? Some players seem to think so.

An in-game glitch seems to have revealed an upcoming skin for the popular character, which wasn’t included in Respawn’s year one road map for Apex Legends. 

One Reddit user, Seasonics40, has posted a screenshot to the game’s subreddit, which seems to show a white samurai version of Bloodhound. However, there doesn’t seem to be an official name for it in the post. 


Seasonics40, RedditScreenshot of an Apex Legends in-game glitch, revealing what looks like a new white Bloodhound skin.

This is not the only post about the matter, though, with spicyboooi also posting a photograph of their screen – showing the potentially leaked design. 

Whether or not this new outfit is going to make it to the full game is unknown at this point, however, we do know quite a bit about Bloodhound already. 

Bloodhound has been confirmed as one of two LGBTQ characters in Apex Legends, as the legend identifies as non-binary. Some fans also think that the character has been around a lot longer than we’re led to believe – dating back to Titanfall 2.

Are Respawn about to switch up his appearance in the game, though? Time will tell.