New data reveals Apex Legends’ revenue in best month since launch

Respawn Entertainment

Thanks to new data from SuperData Research, it has been revealed that Apex Legends has experienced its best financial month since its launch, cementing its place as one of EA’s most profitable games. 

Apex Legends launched in February 2019 and has gone from strength to strength, captivating players and regularly adding new content. It followed Fortnite Battle Royale’s formula of being free for all players, with seasonal content and optional DLC.

Now in its third season, the game’s financial records for October 2019 show its strongest month since launch, nearly trebling the money it generated in September. 

Respawn EntertainmentSeason 3 has proved incredibly popular.

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The data comes from SuperData Research and shows the highest-grossing titles based on console, PC or Mobile. Unsurprisingly, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tops the list for console, while League of Legends comes out on top for PC. 

However, Apex Legends experienced its best month since launch, generating a whopping $45 million from in-game spending alone, combining both console and PC.

This is nearly treble the $16 million Apex Legends generated in September. While there is no detailed breakdown provided, the staunch increase in revenue is likely down to the release of Season 3 on October 1, which provided players with a plethora of new content.

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SuperData ResearchThe table, in full, showing the top-grossing games across the three main platforms.

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SuperData’s consensus reads: “Respawn’s shooter has clearly grown into an important growth driver for EA since its launch in February, although we note that total lifetime revenue still comes in slightly below 50% of Ultimate Team over that same period.” 

It is also unsurprising that it falls below FIFA, given the fact that EA’s soccer simulation has had years to cement itself as the world’s most popular football game, and features an infamously lucrative microtransaction model.

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Away from Apex Legends, the data showed that 2K’s latest NBA game continues to struggle in terms of in-game spending, and CoD Mobile is proving as popular as it was when it first launched, with an estimated $57m revenue in October.

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Despite its strongest financial month since launch, Apex Legends only comes in at ninth on the list of Console games, while not even making the top 10 for PC.

This won’t dampen spirits at Respawn however, who continue to see improvements in their game’s performance.