Apex Legends fans want Respawn to copy Halo Infinite feature

Wraith and Halo spartan side-by-sideRespawn/343

Apex Legends players want Respawn Entertainment to follow what Halo Infinite is doing with their battle pass system as it would let them pick up some early rewards.

While Halo Infinite hasn’t even hit the shelves yet, it’s become a source of much inspiration for gamers across the globe. They’ve looked at what 343 have got planned and questioned why their current favorite games haven’t followed suit.

That includes the planned, wide-ranging character customization, free-to-play multiplayer, and now, the new battle pass system.

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With the Infinite battle pass, players will be able to go back and pick up rewards they may have missed by selecting what battle pass they want to progress. So, that has got some Apex Legends players salivating.

Horizon Apex Legends battle passRespawn Entertainment
Like plenty of other BR’s, Apex has a battle pass system for rewards.

Now that Apex is seeing an influx of new players, there are those that want to get their hands on the older cosmetics, which is what following the Halo Infinite system would allow.

“Can we have this same system as Apex Legends please?” asked Waterc0w with others chiming in with their support. “This would be great. not everyone has the time to grind out this stuff,” said one. “I’ll pay extra even, I just want the season 4 battle pass,” added another.

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As some pointed out, if Respawn wanted to follow suit, they could keep the level 100+ cosmetics exclusive to those who have already earned them but make the level 1-100 rewards available to all.

Then, you have players who are against it because they’ve grinded Apex for so long. They want the reward to be kept exclusive to long-time players.

There is also the argument around the developers and EA not wanting to lose out on income by giving players the chance to grind free rewards rather than use Apex Coins in the shop.

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If Infinite’s battle pass is a success, other games could follow suit, but it’ll be a while down the line before we know either way.

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