Apex Legends Arenas Flash Event: Dates, rewards, skins & more


Apex Legends Arenas is due to launch a new Flash event soon. Players will need to grab their best teammates, as the heat is on. Here’s what you need to know.

The Apex Legends community has been scorching hot lately, as players continue to respond to divisive weapons nerfs and overpowered Legends changing the game as we know it.

A brand-new update in the form of Season 10: Emergence, has got players flocking over. Warzone streamers like NICKMERCS, Dr Disrespect, and TimTheTatMan have made it their game of choice, sticking to the usual battle royale mode rather than the 3v3 setting of Arenas. 

We’re sure that these personalities will be diving into Arenas soon, as an Apex Legends dataminer has dug up new details about an upcoming Flash event.

Apex Legends ThrillseekersRespawn Entertainment
Arenas released back at the start of Apex Legends Season 9.

When will the Arenas Flash event start?

Reliable Apex dataminer KralRindo has discovered that the intense 3v3 mode Arenas is due to get a Flash event soon. Starting on August 10, the first wave will take place until August 17.

Following this first taste of Arenas intensity, there will be two more events sequentially on August 24 and September 7. 

Accompanying these new events will be additional skins and more to be unlocked as you go. 


Apex Legends Arenas flash event rewards

Fans of the Caustic legend and Volt SMG will be thrilled to know that new skins are on the way. These are just some of the proposed rewards coming from these two elements of the game, with more to be revealed in the future.

Found within the game’s files, KralRindo was able to lift images of the Rare skins available to be unlocked. 

Set to be included alongside these skins, will be Apex Packs and crafts too. However, these will be more heavily included in the second and third events. Apex Legends is no stranger to tucking away surprises in the background. We’re sure that more Rare skins will appear as these multiple events take place.

As more details are revealed about these flash events, will be sure to update this article, so check back for more.