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Unreleased Apex Legends weapon spotted in Season 6 devstream

Published: 18/Aug/2020 11:25

by Connor Bennett


Fresh Apex Legends leaks have revealed that a new weapon might be coming soon after the “Predator” codename was spotted in the files of the new patch – and it might have been revealed during the Season 6 dev stream.  

As the new Apex legends seasons have unfolded, Respawn Entertainment have been filling their battle royale up with new content. Be that a new legend, maps and map changes, new cosmetics, and even quests, the devs have added plenty.

With the start of Season 6: Boosted, Respawn added Rampart to the mix as well as the Volt SMG. However, some data miners have already been rooting through the new files to find what’s coming soon. 


Some have already found references to a new map with the “Tropic Island” codename and on top of that, there also looks to be a new weapon coming down the way. 

Respawn Entertainment
Rampart has finally joined the Apex Games in Season 6.

The info comes from reliable data miner Shrugtal who pointed out that the files reference a new weapon that goes by the name of Predator. 

There’s nothing in the files about what type of weapon it would be, though, one of the strings of code does say “shell drops,” which could be in reference to a reload animation. 

Some Apex players had suggested that it could be the Bow that was spotted a few weeks back, however, the shell drops note would likely put an end to that rumor.


Instead, it looks more like that it would fit the bill of being the mysterious rifle that was spotted in the Season 6 dev stream. 

Of course, weapons have been leaked in the past and not made their way into the game, with Respawn noting that there are plenty of leftover files from their Titanfall series. 

We’ll just have to wait and see as to what the Apex devs have up their sleeve moving forward, and if this “Predator” weapon makes its way into Season 6.