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Another strange Wattson fence bug discovered in Apex Legends Season 9

Published: 19/Jun/2021 10:36 Updated: 19/Jun/2021 10:38

by Joe Craven


Respawn Entertainment is aware of another bug with Wattson’s fences, this time seeing a random beam of light emerge upwards from connected fences. 

Wattson has become a minor problem child for Respawn Entertainment of late, with much community discussion surrounding her. Despite sustained requests for a buff, Respawn has maintained that the Static Defender is viable and does not require significant adjustment.

However, issues with her fences since the launch of Season 9 have affected her relative strength. Although some problems have been erased, more have surfaced as Season 9.

Wattson Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Wattson’s fences have been problematic since Season 9 launched.

This latest issue was highlighted by @lilakeyLK on Twitter, who said: “We‘re back at it again with another Wattson fence bug! Luckily this time, it’s much less severe than the stun bug. This patch, every time a node is connected, there is a beam of light that shoots upwards into the sky.” 


Attached to the tweet was a video showing exactly that. While not necessarily game-breaking, the bug may give Wattson’s location away, as well as being a general annoyance for players using her.

Thankfully, Respawn developer ‘pav’ was on hand to respond, saying: “Going to look into this. Thanks!”

With the bug being a minor annoyance, we can expect a fairly simple patch to be released in the near future.

Lila elaborated on the problem, explaining that locating enemy Wattson players is incredibly simple: “It happens every time a fence is connected. You’re basically just firing off flares into the sky every time you use your tactical. I’ve experienced this in game already; where my team has an advantage by seeing these beams and knowing exactly where the enemy is set up.”


It’s certainly not as invasive as some bugs lingering in Apex Legends, like this ‘stuttering’ bug that can determine the outcome of matches. It will probably constitute a more simple fix though.

Respawn also uses the Apex Legends Trello board to track some bugs they are working on.