All Apex Legends Season 11 Escape hints revealed so far

Alec Mullins. Last updated: Oct 23, 2021
Blood in the water behind the Apex Legends Season 11 Escape logo peers through
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 11 Escape starts on November 2 and a few hints about the game’s future have already arrived in the game.

Apex Legends Season 10 is coming to a close soon and the first hints towards its successor are already in the game. While there were some interesting details uncovered this season, like the connection between Seer and the new Arenas map, it’s time to look toward the future and whatever secrets it holds.

There are plenty of missing pieces to the Apex puzzle, like learning what actually happened to Bangalore’s brother or how exactly Ash from Titanfall fits into the game’s greater narrative.

If you want to get a better idea of what to expect in the coming weeks, then follow along as we break down the earliest glances at the next era of the game.

All Apex Legends Season 11 Escape teasers

Apex Legends Season 11 Olympus new POI map teaser Tropics
Respawn Entertainment / YouTube: Shrugtal
There are secrets on Olympus, and it’s up to us to decipher what they mean.

Teaser #1

The first teaser centers around Bangalore and her military past. It can be found on Olympus near the parachute pod that landed behind the Gardens during the last Collection event.

Once you’re inside the pod, venture up to the laptop and interact with it. After a few clicks, her face will appear on the screen.

The first line refutes the designation given to her by the IMC: “AWOL? Pfft. MIA, desk jockeys.”

For the uninitiated, going AWOL means being ‘absent without leave’ and indicates a service member who has left their post without permission.

An MIA designation on the other hand usually refers to a person being lost or stranded through actions outside of their control. This aligns with her previously established goal of wanting to reunite with the remainder of her family.

The next portion of the message has to do with her brother, Jackson Williams, who is currently presumed dead after an IMC retrieval mission went wrong.

Both members of the Williams family were ambushed and the older brother appeared to give his life so his sister could escape. “Jackie, after everything… Why did you do it?” she asks.

While it’s unknown if Jackson survived the aftermath of his last fight, the parachute pod had to come from somewhere. It’s not a stretch to imagine that it might be connected to Williams and maybe even the tropical-themed map that we’ve known about for a while now.

Teaser #2


On October 21, Respawn released the trailer for the new season, and while it was a nice introduction for Ash, it only hinted at some of the new POIs and locations that players will be exploring on the new Tropic Island map in Season 11.

This was followed up by two closer looks at the environment, which showcase the island in better detail but don’t answer all of the community’s questions just yet.

There are bound to be more Apex Season 11 teasers soon and we’ll keep this page updated as Respawn adds more into the game. Until then, keep your eyes out for the gameplay trailer arriving on October 25.